How to make mmorpg for free (Guide only)

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How to make mmorpg for free (Guide only) Empty How to make mmorpg for free (Guide only)

Post by era on Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:17 pm

Everyone these days uses the Internet, and most Internet users have heard of MMORPGs. The full name for these online games is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Games like World of Warcraft are examples of MMORPGs and have millions of subscribers. Once in a while, a player thinks he could do better with his own online game. In making your own game the best thing to do is make a practice game first. This lets you get a feel for the process. Set yourself the most clich├ęd plot, text graphics, and just learn what is needed to actually make a functioning online game. Then you can work on your magnum opus.


Design the game. What to you want the game to do? Why? When? How? Ask all these questions and more. Don't be too worried about whether you can do everything; this is just a wish list of game design. You'll most likely make changes later when actually building the game.

Design the bare bones of the game. What is the absolute minimum you need to play? This is your first draft for testing. Install basic graphics, storyline, sound, and characters. After this point you will just work on improving the game over time.

Gather the content. You can make everything yourself or you can contact other people and ask for help; you can also find free licensed content online. Make sure it is free to use for your game or you'll have lawyers knocking on your door.

Pick your language or game engine of choice. Game engines have their own scripts and are much easier to use, but they have less freedom for original ideas. Languages are programming languages which use code to tell the computer how to display the game. If you don't know these elements, learn programming first. Python is a good choice as it contains everything needed for game editor and engine creation, is very easy to work with and is compatible with multiple platforms.

Making the Game

Find the easiest or most useful feature from your design document and code it in.

Create or update the content to work with the new features.

Test the game online. Play through all the quests or challenges. Try out all the characters. Have your character talk with all the game's characters. Don't forget to test-save frequently.

Take notes as you test out the game. Think about improvements you can add to or change in your design documents later on.

Repeat until all the bugs are worked out and the game is exactly as you want it.

Setting up the Website

Register a domain name for your website, using a website like This will cost money.

Get a Web host that can handle your game's traffic to host your website. This will cost money, especially for the server space if your game ends up being popular.

Create the website with links to the game, forums, advertising, and wikis.

Continually test game security. If you do not wish to use this feature then code your game client to work without a website and distribute the client through other means such as bit torrents. This is free, but less reliable.

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